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Research Articles

Taking off into the future: The evolution of airfare pricing strategies

Know more about the intriguing history and the fascinating future of airfare dynamic pricing!
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Share of Search – The Essential Shelf for Digital Success

Discover how share of shelf can push your bestseller off its pedestal with our in-depth analysis .
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Beyond Holiday Highs: Decoding the Airline Pricing Puzzle Beyond Seasonal Surges

Step away from conventional seasonality charts and embrace dynamic pricing that transforms your airline inventory for the better with AirViaje.ai.
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Black Friday Unmasked: Decoding Retail’s Pinnacle Even

Unravel the BLACK FRIDAY DAY SALE In the US and How BRIO can help you navigate seasonal pricing
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Black Friday Bonanza 2023: A Shopper’s Delight in India

Explore Black Friday in India, unveiling a transformative shift in consumerism. Exclusive insights reveal trends shaping the dynamic market landscape.
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