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Research Articles

Best Ways to Optimize Your Digital Shelves for End of Year Sales!

Online shopping has taken over the retail world by storm. More and more shoppers are flocking to e-commerce stores in order to replenish their wardrobes...
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Here’s How BRIO can help Retail Brands Identify MAP Violations

MAP violators are a menace to retail brands. By violating the MAP policy, they not only jeopardize brand value but also hamper customer experience. MAP...
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7 Reasons Every Retail Company Needs an Automated AI Pricing Solution!

Gone are the days of manual number-crunching, outdated competitive pricing, and slow-paced price-optimizing activities. With the help of AI, retailers can now eliminate these tedious...
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How to remain competitive in volatile markets using Sciative’s dynamic Pricing model?

"We do over 3 billion Pricing Decisions Daily"Businesses spend a lot of time developing their pricing strategies. Unfortunately, many of them are not effective. Effective...
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How the Coronavirus pandemic has intensified the value of dynamic pricing for e-commerce businesses?

“Adoption of dynamic pricing is not a onesize-fits-all process; each organization's journey is special.” According to a McKinsey report, ecommerce sales have increased by approximately...
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