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Research Articles

Why is the US Retail Industry suffering? | Sciative

Discover why the U.S. retail industry is closing 3,200 stores in 2024 due to inflation, consumer habits, and strategic missteps.
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Google I/O: Google Gets a Makeover with AI

At Google's I/O 2024, groundbreaking AI technologies like Gemini and Android 15 features were introduced, promising to simplify tasks and boost efficiency in both daily...
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Sciative Solutions recognized with the Best of Badges from Gartner

Viaje.ai Wraps Up 2023 With Winning Multiple Badges from Gartner Digital Markets
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2023 Beauty Market: Pricing Trends, Insights, and Dynamics

Explore 2023's beauty market dynamics: price hikes, brand behaviours, consumer responses, and strategic insights for competitive advantage and growth.
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Republic Day Sale Duel 2024: A Comparative Analysis of Amazon and Flipkart

Dive into the dynamic realm of Republic Day sales as Amazon and Flipkart go head-to-head in a detailed analysis of electronics pricing.
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