Green Revolution in retail

Rising Tide of Eco-Conscious Consumers

As we step into the new year , the trends predicted in the retail industry are nothing short of remarkable. Here’s the catch, one of the trends is already proving to be true! That too, pretty early!!

There is already a rise in eco-conscious consumerism in 2024, as individuals increasingly prioritise sustainability in their purchasing decisions. 

The importance of sustainability is trending due to a confluence of environmental consciousness, increased awareness of climate change, and a growing sense of corporate responsibility. Modern consumers, especially younger generations, are prioritising eco-friendly products, driving businesses to adopt sustainable practices. 

Additionally, advancements in technology provide innovative solutions, making sustainable practices not only responsible but also economically viable.

This shift towards eco-consciousness is not just a grassroots phenomenon; it has reverberated among major industry players in the retail market. 

Reducing Carbon Footprint: Industry Leaders' Commitments

  • Leading the charge, Starbucks has set ambitious goals, aiming to cut its waste output by half by 2030. They have become the first national coffee retailer that has implemented the application of reusable cups, a significant step towards minimising packaging waste and contributing to a more sustainable coffee culture. 

  • The National Retail Federation (NRF) has recently unveiled a groundbreaking hub dedicated to fostering sustainability initiatives within the retail sector – The NRF Centre for Sustainability . This initiative showcases a collective commitment to reducing the industry’s environmental impact. Their primary goal is to reduce carbon footprint while maintaining retail customers’ value.  

  • Even premium luxury brands like Louis Vuitton have not only met their key 2023 sustainability targets but have also successfully reduced overall emissions intensity.

This sustainability effect, in particular has blossomed in 2023 in the beauty industry fostering the  green beauty ideology.  An exemplary case is the Indian beauty brand, Mamaearth, with an outstanding sustainable business model. Every purchase made contributes to tree planting, and the brand has recycled an impressive 3,412 metric tonnes of plastic in the last two financial years.


In order to gauge the popularity of eco-friendly options in the realm of beauty, our team aimed to uncover whether the rank of sustainable beauty products improved in 2023. 

We explored the subcategory of Shampoo wherein three well- known sustainable brands were picked. The graph portrays three standout examples under each of these brands that reflect the growing popularity among consumers. 

Considering the brand Love Beauty & Planet, between July 2023 to December 2023, the rank improved from 23 to 2. The visibility for this product has risen twelve fold further attesting to the growing popularity of ‘sustainability’ in the market.

This positive trend is not exclusive to a single brand; similar patterns emerge across other environmentally friendly brands such as Forest Essentials, Khadi naturals, Plum etc. The data paints a vivid picture of the rising tide towards sustainable beauty products as their rankings improve, indicating a substantial and growing market demand for eco-friendly options.

Tech meets sustainability in 2024

  • Looking ahead, 2024 promises an exciting fusion of technology and sustainability in retail. From harnessing data analytics for optimised inventory management to curbing overstocking, technological advancements are shaping a greener future for the industry.

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  • Consumer sentiment is paramount, and BRIO’s sentiment analysis ensures your decisions are data-driven. Every move you make is supported by insights into what your consumers think, empowering your business to thrive in a data-rich era.

So Choose BRIO – where dynamic insights and strategic support redefine your journey in the retail landscape.

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