We’re thrilled to announce that our pricing application – Viaje.ai has been recognized as an impactful product for businesses and for which we have been awarded the Best of Badges from verified reviewers on Capterra.

Gartner utilizes authenticated user reviews to identify top-rated products within a particular software category, empowering software buyers to make well-informed purchasing choices. (Explore the methodology further here)

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to all our users for helping us achieve a perfect 5 out of 5 rating on Capterra, GetApp, and Software Advice.

Your ongoing support and feedback have been instrumental in making this accomplishment possible.

Here’s what our users have to say about their experience working with us for which Viaje.ai was presented with the Best Of Badges by Gartner:

“I like the domain expertise – Ease of Use – Competition Analysis – Commitment of team”

[Source: Capterra]

“Their pricing algorithm is giving the best prices for our buses. My experience is wonderful, daily I use it”

[Source: Capterra]

“It has been a learning experience. I was a naysayer before using the product. Looking back I think if the sciative team was not persistent to get data from me, I would have given up and went on to pricing using the old manual methods. I appreciate their efforts and I can happily say that I believe in the product”

[Source: Software Advice]

“Dedicated team, good n taking customer requirement, best in result. Excellent and 100 percent satisfaction”

[Source: Software Advice]

“In the highly competitive market, pricing plays a vital role in getting customers at the right time. Sciative had played this role exceptionally well”

[Source: GetApp]

“They are very serious about their work and working hard to get best revenue for us”

[Source: GetApp]

Viaje.ai is a dynamic pricing solution tailored specifically for the travel industry. With its dynamic pricing engine and optimal algorithms, it allows professionals in the travel industry to implement personalized pricing strategies that maximize revenue while ensuring passengers benefit from competitive, demand-sensitive pricing. 

An AI-driven revenue management system, Viaje.AI utilizes price optimization platforms to track competitor pricing, predict demand, efficiently manage inventory and dynamically adjust ticket prices in real-time. The platform offers dynamic pricing analytics and pricing automation functionality to help streamline operations and drive revenue growth.

 It provides users with automated pricing models, real-time market insights, comprehensive strategies, predictive tracker, and integrated technology.

Stay tuned for our weekly articles and research pieces that are backed by thorough analysis and jaw-dropping data points about pricing in fast-moving industries like Travel (Buses- Intercity coaches revenue optimization; Airlines- Revenue management and optimization); Tourism (Hotel/Property Revenue management); and Retail (Revenue optimization, product visibility and placement in e-commerce domain) to know more.

Book a demo of our automated travel solutions or contact our optimization experts at info@sciative.com.

To see how Viaje.ai can empower your brand, ensuring it not only survives but thrives, visit sciative.com

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