The Crucial Connection Between Your Listing and Success?

Attaining success in your business hinges delicately on balancing your product listings. 

Crafting clear, concise & comprehensive listings can boost your products’ visibility and SEO position on marketplaces enhancing your chances of sales.

Conversely, inconsistencies or inaccuracies in product listings can lead to a loss of trust, with a significant 73% of respondents attesting to this sentiment. (SearchEngineWatch)

A 2018 study on local search ranking factors by Moz, emphasised the pivotal role of consistency in business listings, ranking it as the foremost factor. Maintaining correct and well-curated listings across the Internet doesn’t just instil trust but also drives increased website traffic and elevates search engine rankings, particularly on major platforms like Google & Amazon.

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As a brand when you list your products on any marketplace, the tedious process of maintaining your brand health is of vital importance. Your listing is the final picture you paint about your product to the consumer. This picture has to be perfect, or else it can deteriorate your consumer’s demand base. The listing quality score evaluates exactly this. 

The Listing Quality Score (LQS) algorithm meticulously evaluates various elements of a product listing, covering everything from the completeness of the title, detailed descriptions, and seller ratings to the images deployed in your listing. This is to help you perfect your product listing to allure your customers to your product. 

In our analysis, our team scrutinized 5000 products across five subcategories in the electronics sector on a top leading marketplace. The primary goal was to assess the overall health and effectiveness of listings within; Smartphones, Televisions, Air Conditioners, Headphones, and Washing Machines. 

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Average LQS score across subcategories:

Average LQS score across electronic

  • After analysing the scores across these subcategories, the category of televisions was the winner with the highest average Listing Quality Score (LQS) of around 63%. This suggests an intuitive move in presenting and marketing televisions across various brands.

  • And standing at almost a 10% difference, the lowest LQS is under Smartphones & Air conditioners at approximately 53%. With an approximate score of 50%, this observation calls attention to potential challenges or untapped opportunities in how these categories are presented in the marketplace. 

  • The nearly 10% difference from the top performer adds a compelling layer to the narrative, urging a closer look at what factors might be influencing lower scores in listing and what could be done to elevate the appeal of air conditioners in the eyes of consumers.

Spotting Trends: Best and Worst Across Five Subcategories!

We took a closer look at the best and worst-performing products and figured out what made them stand out or fall short. So we picked products in the top 100 and bottom 1000 amongst 2400 products, across the five subcategories where a clear trend emerged.

  • For the top-rated products, three elements stood out as major contributors to their success: the title, media like images or videos, and the presence of A-plus content. Surprisingly, the bottom-ranked products struggled in these exact areas!

    In the world of product listings, the title is king:

    • Our analysis makes this clear – top-ranked products boast an average title score of 72%, with the best ranked products reaching almost 90% in its score

    • In contrast, lower-ranked products struggle, managing only 54% of the maximum title score. This shows just how important a strong & clear title is for a product’s popularity in the market.

    Visual speaks Volumes:

    • Our findings reveal that top-ranked products shine with an impressive average media score of 80%. These products leverage high-quality images and detailed content to capture consumer attention effectively. 

    Conversely, the underperformers in the low-ranked category struggle with a mere 60% in their media scores, marked by suboptimal images, lacklustre content, and compromised quality. This contrast underscores the pivotal role of compelling media in elevating a product’s overall appeal and ranking.

    A-Plus Modules Make the Difference:

    • What was most interesting was that A Plus modules emerged as the only element with the most significant gap between top and low-ranked products.

    • An impressive 82% of top-ranked products integrated A Plus modules, showcasing a clear preference for this feature. 

    • On the flip side, only 12% of low-ranked products opted for A Plus modules, revealing a striking disparity in using this impactful element. 

    • This helped us understand how influential A Plus modules are, in distinguishing successful product listings.

    Does a good LQS improve a product’s ranking?

    • Analysing the impact of optimised listings on product visibility, we investigated the correlation between a high listing score and improved rankings over time.

      • A compelling example in the Televisions category illustrates this connection where a product boasting a highly favourable Listing Quality Score (LQS) of 78% experienced a significant rank improvement within six months. 

      • This case underscores the pivotal role of an enhanced listing in propelling a product’s visibility and, consequently, its potential for increased sales.

      So leverage the power of BRIO’s LQS module to enhance your product listings! By evaluating your listings you can identify areas for improvement, and discover effective strategies for product enhancement. With ensuring your products are presented perfectly and priced dynamically, your success is inevitable in the market. Curious as to what dynamic pricing is and how it can help you? 

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