The holidays have arrived, and ‘Tis the season to be jolly!’ Brands are offering crazy discounts on their electronic, beauty and lifestyle products. With some of them giving up to 75% off on your favorite items, which is a win-win for both the retailers as well as the shoppers!

Last-minute shopping sales are the best way to attract the maximum number of shoppers willing to purchase high-quality products quickly. Some other factors that drive profitable sales amongst end-time shoppers are quick deliveries, accurate product classifications, well-stocked inventory, effective product placements on digital shelves and, most importantly, a lucrative pricing strategy.

Competitive intelligence, accurate customer insights and pricing predictions are also vital aspects of an effective end-time holiday shopping strategy.

So let’s go ahead and immerse ourselves into analyzing the pricing and marketing strategies popular brands use for their end-time holiday sales.

1.     Amazon

According to data, 63% of end-time shoppers prefer buying from Amazon. Since quick deliveries have always been Amazon’s plus point, last-minute shoppers prefer the e-commerce giant over other brands. Studies suggest 1 out of every 2 end-time buyers choose where to buy their gifts based on the speed of delivery. Whether it is electronics or apparel end time, shoppers can get up to 50% off on presents for young children or take advantage of the 59% discount on Echo show devices. They also offer limited-price deals on men’s jackets and other apparel.

2.     Walmart

A company conducted a survey with over 40,000 shoppers based in the USA. It figured out that 79% of the shoppers preferred shopping at the end moment, which is why Walmart has dedicated an entire section to Last Minute Gifting Options. The shopper’s paradise is offering up to 45% discount on their tech products. And the best part is that shoppers can use the site to purchase toys for kids at a discounted rate of 50%. Shoppers can also take advantage of the 25% discount on seasonal décor, electronics, groceries, gift cards and more.

3. Samsung

45% of end-time shoppers prefer gifting electronics during the holiday season, which is why Samsung’s Exclusive Money-saving deals are great revenue maximizers. The electronics brand is offering special deals on phones, vacuum cleaners, electronic watches and more. Gamers can save up to $600 on gaming monitors, while homeowners can get a discount of $200 on select jet vacuums. The Galaxy Watch 5 is a perfect present for tech-loving family members or friends.

4. Best Buy 

Best Buy is another great marketplace for the last-minute shopping spree. The e-commerce site is offering a heavy discount on their Apple Airpods. Shoppers can also get a $100 discount on the MacBook Air. Other great electronic deals are offered on printers, headphones, smart home devices, electric transportation, drones, cameras, wearable electronics, small appliances, and more. $350 off on the Samsung Galaxy s22 series is one of the best offers on Best Buy.

5. Kate Spade Surprise 

78% of last-minute shoppers prefer giving apparel as presents, making it the most popular gifting category. Kate Spade Surprise is offering up to 75% off on all its products. The website has also curated a Gift Guide to help buyers pick the right presents for their family and friends. And the best part is that they are offering irresistible deals like handbags under $100, deals under $50, offers under $25 and more. Shoppers can also scroll through their site for discounts on holiday décor, apparel and more.

6. Adidas 

Adidas is providing a 60% discount on most of its products. Apart from that, shoppers can also take advantage of the 50% discount on the winterized windbreaker and the 40% discount on the graphic crop hoodie. There is a 50% discount on trail shoes, and gift cards worth $100 are now available for $75. And let’s not forget the option of ‘Shop Under $80’ along with an array of products like track jackets, pro jerseys, and pro pants are also available on their website.

7. Nordstrom

Nordstrom is offering up to 60% off on boots! Nothing better than a shopping discount on boots during the winter season. Data suggests that 25% of people cap their spending at $100, which is why Nordstrom’s under $100 is the perfect category. Last-minute shoppers on a crunched-up budget can shop for gifts under $39. They are also offering 25% off on holiday décor.

8. Wayfair

The end-of-year clearance sale at Wayfair cannot be missed. This brand offers a 60% discount on most of their products ranging from Pet Essentials to serve ware! Buyers can purchase Bakeware for $99, while cookware and serve ware can be purchased for under $49. Wayfair is offering a 40% discount on sofas and sectionals and a 50% discount on kitchen and dining furniture.

9. Lowe’s 

Lowe’s massive last-minute sales are an end-time shopper’s paradise. The brand provides a 75% discount on home décor and up to $600 off on major appliances. Buyers can also take advantage of the 50% off on major tools and buy gifts under $25. They are offering great deals on holiday decorations and a chance to save $220 on a Roomba

10. Lulu Lemon 

Lulu Lemon is perfect for shoppers who wish to purchase luxury gifts for their loved ones. Buyers can also take a look at their trending gifts, cozy gifts and gifts under $50 & $100 for men and women.

For better digital footfall, retailers should focus on the following categories – gifts, holiday home décor, gift wrapping supplies, holiday food/beverages, party supplies and holiday apparel, as they are the most popular categories amongst last-minute shoppers.

Whether your brand sells toys, gifts or holiday décor, it is vital to devise high-yielding pricing, branding and marketing strategies for your company, as more than 75% of shoppers leave their shopping for the last minute.

With the help of AI-powered pricing solutions, retailers can predict accurate prices for their products. They should also focus on competition intelligence strategies and ensure that their pricing team is vigilant and ready to predict the right prices based on consumer insights.

 So if your company wishes to get on board with an AI-powered pricing solution, then book a free demo with us or email our pricing consultants at

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