Sciative Knowledge Series : PRICING to support business strategy

PRICING to support business strategy



Pricing has an opportunity to support Companies to get to their strategic objectives faster. The pricing strategy should not only define the positioning of a company’s offer but also what resources should be allocated to reward customers’ behaviours that help the achievement of the Company’s strategic objectives.

By planning carefully and monitoring the execution of all the different Commercial Terms, the pricing organisation can build a bridge between corporate strategy and commercial guidelines and help the Company to strategically invest its limited resources. When it comes to sales execution, this is much more than defining a target price and the level of flexibility to deviate from the target.

Experience shows that by framing the execution and carefully planning where to invest commercial resources, companies give the right “weapons” to their sales force, in order to compete in the market place. And the Price Waterfall is probably the most powerful pricing tool a Company should use.

The presentation will show the benefits of looking at commercial terms as an investment rather than as a cost.


Paolo De Angeli


Paolo is a passionate pricing practitioner, and is currently working in the Commercial department of Borealis as a pricing expert.

Paolo has lead several pricing transformations in his career. Most notably, from 2009 to 2015, he was instrumental in implementing Value Pricing best practices for Syngenta Italy. At Syngenta, he spearheaded a Transactional Pricing project and lead the change that introduced scientific methodologies for planning, analyzing, executing and monitoring day to day pricing in the field. Part of this experience helped him in the development of a Graduation Project that got awarded by the INSEAD.

Paolo is a PPS Certified Pricing Practitioner (CPP), and holds a management degree from the University Bocconi.