Sciative Knowledge Series : Best Practices in Hospitality Revenue Management: Case Studies from Indian Hotels

Best Practices in Hospitality Revenue Management: Case Studies from Indian Hotels

Monday, Jan 30th 2017, 4:00 PM IST


Revenue management today is a very critical process with hotels. It is a comparatively new practice with Indian Hotels, but most have now accepted it as a gold standard thanks to the widespread global adoption and increase of international hotels as part of comp-set.

Interestingly a lot of standalone, independent owner operated properties have embraced online distribution channels, and also developed their own versions of revenue management. With quick fixes and incomplete knowlege, little focus has been given to ensuring that (a) Full potential of Reveneu Management is being leveraged, (b) Correct practices are being setup, both in intent and systems, and (c) marketing, distribution and pricing practices are all integrated in one single framework.

In this session, we will take case studies and examine gaps in their revenue management practices and share best practices so that full potential of the revenue management practice can be leveraged.


Geetika Bahri Jain


Geetika is the founder of Revxpert. She imparts training and strategic consultancy to independent hotels and small hotel groups and is also one of the main trainers at Revxpert. Revxpert is a platform through which she offers professional certificate programmes to hospitality students and professionals in Revenue Management and Digital Business.
Geetika comes with a strong revenue management and distribution expertise, with +13 years experience in revenue management, global distribution, central reservations and digital marketing. Challenges with both managed only properties as well as owned & managed properties are well known to her. She has been a leader and mentor to many young successful revenue managers in the industry today.
As a leader in her field, she felt that there is need for educating hoteliers on areas which are yet not covered in most hospitality schools. Revenue management being a key among all of them, Geetika launched a platform which empowers hotels to have their own set-up of in-house:-

  • Revenue Management & Electronic Distribution function
  • Central Reservation Offices
  • Digital Marketing Team