Sciative Knowledge Series : Getting Started with Pricing Best Practices

Getting Started with Pricing Best Practices

Monday, Dec 12th 2016, 9:00 AM EST


Speaker will share best practices in:

  • What really matters when you set a price?
  • Why is Cost-Plus price such a problem and why do we need to be careful of Percentages?
  • What is Value Based, Market Based Pricing, and how do I use them?
  • How do I create a price for a new product (what key questions do I ask)?
  • How do I understand current market pricing – even when there is no price transparency?


Patrick J. Taylor


Patrick J Taylor is a business and process improvement expert. Driving bottom-line results through focusing on pricing related processes, determining price-lift opportunities, and implementing pricing strategies is his specialty. With 25+ years of experience in both international and domestic engagements, he has been a Global Pricing Leader at GE Oil & Gas for the past 4 years.
During the two years before he joined the General Electric family, Patrick was the Managing Director of Strategy Process and Analysis LLC, an independent consulting firm. He enjoyed working with a variety of clients from multi-billion dollar stock exchange listed waste management operators to privately held millions of dollar wholesale air conditioning, heat, and ventilation suppliers.
Prior to forming Pricing Strategy and Analysis LLC he held various marketing and operational roles doing process improvement, pricing strategy (new products, promotions, rate optimization, and bids), “go-to-market” product and market strategies, system implementations, and project management. He has worked for companies such as Halliburton, Verizon Information Services, Nortel Networks, and the Perrigo Company.
Patrick is a Certified Professional Pricer. He is Pragmatic Marketing certified. He was a Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Examiner. He was a speaker at the 21st Annual PriceX in 2008. And several of his articles have been published in by the Professional Pricing Society and the Wiglaf Journal
His industry focus includes upstream oil and gas, software, engineering services, media/advertising, telecommunications (wireless & enterprise), personal care and Over-The-Counter pharmaceutical products, and logistics & distribution services.
His international experience includes a Master International Management degree, having lived in France, and traveling/working in sixteen countries. He has worked projects in France, United Kingdom, Brazil, Singapore, Qatar, Mexico, and Canada. He reads, writes and speaks French. And he has a base level familiarity with Portuguese.