Sciative Knowledge Series : The Essentials of Pricing Strategy Transformation

The Essentials of Pricing Strategy Transformation

Wednesday, Nov 16th 2016, 10:00 AM EST


Pricing strategies don’t last forever.  Markets change, new information is uncovered, and sooner or later growth-minded executives decide that it’s time to change the pricing strategy. 

But where to start?  Pricing strategy design can be complicated, and any change to a pricing structure invariably comes with risks.  We want transformation, but we need it to be successful.  With countless things we feel we should consider and with limited resources at our disposal, it’s often hard to know what to focus on for the best.

Come learn the essentials of pricing strategy transformation - the few things you absolutely must have in place to maximize your new pricing strategy’s chance of success.  Informed by countless pricing strategy transformation projects over the course of his consulting career, James Wilton, Pricing Practice Leader at SBI, will share his experiences of what truly makes the difference between success and failure. 

Any business leaders considering a change to their pricing strategy will benefit from attending this session.


James D. Wilton


A recognized expert in strategic pricing, James leads the Pricing Practice at SBI, a sales and marketing-focused consulting firm dedicated to helping clients “Make the Number.” In this role, James works with business leaders across industries to grow their revenues and profits through pricing strategy transformation and optimization.

James cut his teeth running sales, marketing and strategy projects for premier management consulting organizations before leaving to lead pricing for a global corporation.  Through these unique experiences, James developed an ability to combine rigorous, analytical problem solving with an uncompromising practicality and laser focus on results.  Connecting the strategic to the tactical, his comprehensive approach gives executives the confidence they need to implement solutions and hit their growth goals.

James holds an MBA from Columbia Business School, and a master’s degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge.