Sciative Knowledge Series : Leveraging Big Data to Determine Profitable Customers

Leveraging Big Data to Determine Profitable Customers

Monday, Sept 19th 2016, 10:00 AM CDT


Forbes Insights found 7 out 10 CEO's: "Believe They're Engaging in Marketing Tactics Right Now That Don't Work"

The Daily Telegraph found $22B is wasted on advertising every year.

But how do you know what marketing is working and isn't? Should you invest in snapchat? You've got a long sales cycle. It's impossible to attribute an ad spend in January with a sale in September. 

You can now with the advent of Big Data and predictive analytics algorithms that mine that data for insights.

In this session we'll cover:

- The two questions marketing strategy I asked a $250M company that led to 74% growth

- How predictive analytics technologies allow companies to discover and deploy advertising campaigns that see 4600% ROI (that's not a typo) 

It'll be a fun, easy-to-understand session aimed at helping senior marketing, pricing and finance executives understand how to leverage everything from a pen and paper to the latest in predictive analytics algorithms to find your best customers, driving revenue and profits up.


Aaron Vidas


Aaron is the Founder of StrategyBox, a software service that determine marketing ROI for retail and B2B companies. Then suggests what to do next to drive up revenue. 

Prior to StrategyBox Aaron worked directly as an independent marketing consultant with Boards and C-Suites of  pre-revenue to $250M+ companies. Helping companies find their most profitable customers. Also bringing to market social venture incubator institute B's management consulting group. 

He's traveled all over the world, including living for a year in Mainland China. Come summertime you can find him on his bike panting up hills in Vancouver, and skiing down them in the winter.