Sciative Knowledge Series : Six Sigma Pricing: Improving pricing operations to increase profits

Six Sigma Pricing: Improving pricing operations to increase profits

Monday, July 25th 2016, 9:00 AM CDT


Companies are often ill-prepared to face adversity or tap unique opportunities due to lackadaisical pricing operations. Product innovation, big data solutions, and strategic investments – all these can fall short without tight price execution.  Actually, companies have far more control over their internal pricing operations than they realize. Navdeep will discuss a breakthrough approach to improve pricing operations, one that can systematically eliminate pricing-related leaks to bring new profits straight to the bottom line without alienating customers. He will discuss that Six Sigma Pricing is not simply an application of Lean or Six Sigma to pricing but rather a holistic approach to engage senior management and dismantle functional silos with a spirit of continuous improvement.  This talk is designed to improve your company’s capability to make the best possible pricing decisions and to execute them effectively. 

Key Takeaways

  • How to secure organizational support with evidence-based assessment and analysis of pricing processes 
  • How to build process controls for sustained process improvement, greater speed and trust within your company
  • How to use continuous improvement to align pricing operations with your pricing and sales strategy
  • How to sustain profits through superior price execution despite changes in your company's internal and external environment 


Navdeep Sodhi


Navdeep Sodhi is Managing Director at Sodhi Pricing, a consultancy that helps companies improve revenues and earnings. His global experience, as practitioner and as consultant, spans Airlines, B2B manufacturing, Healthcare, Building products, Chemicals, Electronics, and Outsourced Services. Navdeep presented an approach to price improvement in his co-authored book Six Sigma Pricing: Improving Pricing Operations to Increase Profits (Financial Times Press, 2007) that was first introduced in a seminal Harvard Business Review article. He has contributed several articles and book chapters in Oxford Press, Emerald Books, Prentice Hall, and Quality Digest among others. Navdeep is a teaching fellow at the University of Minnesota’s executive program, instructor at the University of Saint Thomas and recently a Visiting Professor at China European International Business School in Shanghai.  Navdeep is a recipient of Professional Pricing Society‘s Award of Excellence as well as several employee awards for exceeding expectations. He has spoken frequently at Professional Pricing Society, PRICEX, PDMA, ASQ, and Inventors’ Congress. Navdeep has an MBA from Georgetown University and lives in Minnesota with his wife and two boys