Sciative Knowledge Series : Opportunities and pitfalls in gathering and leveraging competitive pricing intelligence

Opportunities and pitfalls in gathering and leveraging competitive pricing intelligence

Monday, July 11th 2016, 10:00 AM CDT


Although it is common knowledge that the key to defending price and value is to understand the competitive options in the marketplace, many organizations do not have well developed methods to collect accurate, meaningful, and comprehensive competitive intelligence.  Even companies that have massive databases of competitive price intelligence ignore or misuse the data they have collected.  In this presentation, we explore the following concepts:

  • The benefits and drawbacks of common methods of collecting competitive pricing intelligence
  • Advanced methods that provide the complete picture of the market landscape
    • Pricing research methods for competitive intelligence gathering
    • Leveraging new technologies to accumulate massive amounts of information
  • How to best use competitive data in value based pricing constructs
    • Designing pricing structures to win where you want to win
    • Avoiding the meet competition mentality
  • Leveraging intelligence to stay neutral in a price war environment


Adrienne Gordon


Adrienne Gordon is the owner and co-founder of Pricing Empowered, LLC., a management consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations realize their true value potential through improved data driven pricing strategies.

A recognized expert in strategic pricing for manufacturing and distribution businesses, Adrienne empowers organizations to achieve their optimal and deserved price levels by teaching best practices in pricing strategy, analytics, execution, and optimization to her clients.  With a focus on removing fear and building organizational confidence, she is committed to leaving her customers with the tools, knowledge base, and the confidence to drive pricing as a long term strategic advantage.

She holds over 17 years of experience in strategic pricing and has worked with over 100 unique businesses in optimizing their price levels.  She holds an engineering degree from Boston University and an MBA in Marketing from Western New England University