Sciative Solutions: Pricing and Revenue Management Services
  •  Are you building and leveraging your company, brand and product’s pricing power?

  •  Have you quantified the perceived value of your products for different customer segments?

  •  Do you have a centrally controlled pricing policy, with clear pricing guidance for different business scenarios?

  •  Have you identified and plugged profit leaks, if there are any?

  •  To meet sales targets, are you leaving money on the table?

Sciative helps organizations - in telecom, digital services, manufacturing (auto, medical devices, consumer durables, chemicals, high tech), financial services, and CPG industries - optimize pricing of their new product launches, existing product lines, services, BUs.

Value Based Pricing Strategy

Build a value based pricing strategy, and setup pricing structure and policy to maximize profits

Competitive Price Positioning

Pricing research to quantify customer perceived value and willingness to pay; competitive strength, and vulnerability

Segmented Pricing Guidance

Customer segmentation, and pricing guidance (floor, target, ceiling) framework to align with customer delivered value

Pocket Price and Margins

Quantify cost of risk and analyze cascaded discounts to quantify pocket price and margins to plug profit leaks

Competitive Pricing Strategy

Competitive price benchmarking framework to price products based on their sensitivity to competition prices

Identify New Opportunities

Identify new products to capture latent opportunities, and align pricing to changing customer behaviour

Are there price optimization opportunities in your company?