Sciative Solutions: Big Data and Advanced Analytics Services
  •  Is customer retention one of the top issues facing your organization?

  •  Are you personalizing your communications, offerings, and promotions for individual customers?

  •  Have you identified the demand and sales drivers for your different customer segments?

  •  Do you prioritize your prospective customers, so that you may put your best resources to best prospects?

  •  Are you dealing with a large variety, velocity, and volume of customer data, spread across different platforms?

  •  Do your apply quantitative techniques to measure your brand strength, and design winning product propositions?

  •  Are you measuring the effectiveness of your digital marketing activities, and optimizing your marketing spend?

Apply predictive and prescriptive analytics to maximize customer lifetime value, and marketing effectiveness

Understand your customers, their needs, and their behaviour drivers

  • Customer retention and lifetime value (aka U R)
  • Leads propensity
  • Affinity and cross selling
  • (Nano) segmentation and personalization
  • Risk – default, credit, churn – assessment
  • Advocacy, NPS, CES, CSAT, VoC assessments

Maximize your marketing effectiveness, and optimize marketing ROI

  • Brand equity, brand price trade-off, pricing research
  • Quantitative research
  • Demand drivers, conjoint assessments
  • Campaign and promotion design, measurement and optimization
  • Marketing attribution and mix optimization

Understand your customer’s behaviour on digital platform, as future is DIGITAL

  • Click fraud detection
  • Personalized marketing
  • Social media, sentiment, and text analytics
  • Google analytics, website engagement analytics
  • Ad-words and SEM
  • Performance marketing
  • Ad inventory Yield Management (Publishers)

Manage and optimize your products to better connect with customers and profitability

  • Product Analytics
  • TURF analytics for new product design
  • Demand forecasting, trends, patterns
  • Avoidable cost and profitability assessment
  • Product assortment and tiered pricing structure optimization
Will your company benefit with big data and advanced analytics?